Friday, January 10, 2014

Revolve Evolve : Graduation Fashion Show 2014

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Vest : H&M | Heels : Zalora | Bag: The Secret Wardrobe

When simplicity, structures, linings, texture, minimalistic,fabrics all gathered into one compound,  there's when my inspirations and immediate-lust began to arise. Revolve Evolve : Graduation Fashion Show by the PJCAD's students was truly breathe-taking, have you seen those visuals above ! There are certainly as sick as hell, with every shape and structure that was crafted onto those apparels, it made me that we are going some where in the fashion industries. I mean, we've got to admit that there are tonnes of talented individuals are slowly emerging into the fashion industries. 

I enjoyed the show so much that I was so caught away by snapping every single pieces down instead of sitting back and enjoy the show.  My favourite of them all has got to be the Goth and Black theme by Aeril Shan and amazing printed fabrics theme by Vivian. You girls are going to be a well-known fashion designer in the future.

Last but not least, thanks you couz for inviting me, I really did enjoy myself. Loves