Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Brand New Me

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Top : Topman | Pants : Brands Outlet | Heels wedges : ZARA | Hat : H & M

Happy New Year everybody, it's brand new year which means brand new resolution, a brand new wish, a brand new desire and a brand new you. For me 2013 has been such an amazing year, it has treated me to the fullest joy and luck. I mean , I do have my ups and downs this year but overall it was a good year in the end. I m blessed in so so many ways that I cant seem to pin it all down, to my glorious moment for being featured in Female magazine, CLEO Magazine, STAR Newspaper and many more.. I truly am grateful for such opportunity that was given by God and by all the individuals that made it happen. This is because without you guys, I wouldn't be who I am today, pursuing what I believe in myself and continue rocking on.

Not to mention, through such opportunity I was able to meet so many new people, like really new inspiring and talented people along the way. Sometimes, little things like this pushes you more to become a better person and to be grateful in so many ways. At times, I look back and think that, woah I've came so far to this day hahah. Therefore, to my amazing family members, my best friends, my close ones and my loved ones, thanks for making this year such a memorable year for me. Reminiscing those crazy , wild and fun adventures we have ride on, I swear I wouldn't exchange any of those with anything at all. Talking about crazy and wild, I ve been a pretty wild party animal this year with continuous raves after another, flying down to Singapore just to catch the best DJ of my life, baring the pain of squeezing through a sea of people with excess body sweats , hmmmm that was fun :) I dont know how many more years will be doing that but who cares hahah, sometimes we just have to live at the moment. Thank you, for introducing me to EDM, you know who you.

2013, you have treated me well and you will be missed. So here's an outfit post for a brand new 2014 :)


Chiew Nee said...

really cool outfit, love it! =D

Heaven Knows

Amanda L said...

@chiew nee : hello dear thank you thank you :)