Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Royal Blue

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 Top and Bottom : Sturm & Drum | Heels Scandal : ZARA

Putting on such memorable prints, it's pretty tacky to not leave an impression on others whereby you've wore this too many times. I truly adore the royal blue with swirl prints all around this blazer, thus I've transform this blazer into a top itself by belting it up with a gold plate black belt.

As time goes by, I m starting to notice that my personal style is transiting into a much simple and less drastic outfits. I still love layering but when I look back at my old photos, I've this tendency to criticize and hate the way I dress last time. However, i's a learning process through out the years and I cant admit more that I ve learn alot through various inspirational fashion bloggers and designers as well. 


Richeen Siew said...

Very simple yet stylish look! Love how to turn that blazer into a top <3

Amanda L said...

@richeen : thanks dear hahah yea wanted to try out something new instead :)