Wednesday, November 20, 2013


So who's with me now, who wants to see ICONA POP Live in KL on the 29th November at Neverland Club KL ?

For me, I always have this perception whereby if I really like an artist or if i really enjoy their music I wouldn't mind spending or perhaps join any contest just to get/win the concert tickets and see them . You know why ?

First and foremost, because I always question myself "how often do they actually get to come down to Malaysia to perform and meet their fans at the same time" ?

Second of all, if it's a giveaway it's a bonus. At least there's still a slight chance that YOU might be the winner, after all there's no harm joining right ? HEHE

Therefore, if you're an ICONA POP FANATIC and You dont want to miss them out and HAVEN bought your tickets to see them , well you are more then invited to JOIN a GIVEAWAY by Warner Music.

In order to WIN tickets from Warner Music , all you need to do is :

1. REGISTER at Warner Music International Facebook Page :

2. Capture your best "I DONT CARE, I LOVE IT" moments on PICTURES or VIDEO (15 sec)

3. Post it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #MyIconic Moment.

4. You may be the lucky winner.

For more information , please visit the WARNER MUSIC FACEBOOK PAGE .

There you go , and REMEMBER you have to REGISTER in order for them to track you and select the winner. Hence, my biggest wishes and luck and I hope you'll be the lucky one. 

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