Saturday, October 12, 2013


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Vest and Floppy Hat : H&M  | Leather Shorts & Sling Clutch : Korea | Stripes Top : Yours Truly Lady | Boots : Sturm n' Drum

Here's an outfit update, like finallyyy !! ;p

With assignments due date approaching, with so many things coming up , I m literally feeling suffocated just by thinking about it. Moreover, with so many doubts and indecisive matter to overcome n solve, sometimes I really feel like leaving this place and move to a place where I could just do whatever I want. AT this point, I really miss Korea so much. While I was in korea, it feels like I could do anything I want. I love the culture, I love the people, I love the streets , I love the cafe , I just love everything.

It sucks to come back to reality, thinking about what I should do next ,  however this is life. I must fight till the end and as for Korea, I 'll definitely be back soon. 

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