Friday, October 4, 2013

Hello Neighbor

My favorite boys.

Last few weeks ago, I did a mini getaway with the boy and a few of my close friend down to the land of our neighbor. It was a well planned trip down to finally able to witness our all-time favorite DJ, HARDWELL. If you have never heard about him before, take a time off to heard the track below to experiences what's like being a dreamer. 

Perhaps this rings a bell. 

It was an epic night ever, cant imagine it came by and pass off so fast. I still remember we bought our tickets 2 months before the show and straight away when it was out. Reminiscing the moments, it was a great one indeed. Nonetheless, we roam around the city and did a lil photoshoot outside Pasir Ris and I finally get to try the ever famous Laduree . 

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Sydney L. said...

how tall are you and your bf?? everything looks good on you!