Tuesday, June 18, 2013

LG Fiesta Roadshow @ The Curve

 photo 723-lg-fiesta--piazza-the-curve_zpsb6e7294a.jpg

In my previous previous previous post about the LG 84inch HD Ultra TV , I've mention about how I was pretty excited to see what is it all about and Just a few weeks ago , I've attended the LG Fiesta Roadshow that was held at from the 7th of June till 9th of June at Piazza , The Curve.

 photo IMG_43881111_zps95bf2e60.jpg

 photo IMG_43941111_zps49eecc15.jpg

It was a Fiesta that was filled with everything technology smart from their awesome LG 84 inch HD Ultra TV to their LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV as well as their Cinema sound home theater. Not to forget, the second most important thing to kick start a Fiesta like this is have a good host for the day, and the event  was hosted by Josh Lim and Chermaine Poo.

 photo IMG_43991111_zpsc6347b53.jpg

 photo IMG_44031111_zps1aa8e104.jpg

 photo IMG_44121111_zpsd0ca477e.jpg

 photo LGTV2_zpsbe138415.jpg

Furthermore, LG Representative was there to guide us and took us a to a little small tour around the booth. He was tremendously good in teaching us and explaining to us how each and every item functions, and what features does each and every television has and demonstrating to us how to make us the features and functions.

The Magic Remote was the my favorite of them all as he was demonstrating. First, it's different from any kind of television remote control and second this remote control does work it;s magic out that day. Pretty impressive! 

 photo IMG_4417111_zps23c1481f.jpg

 photo IMG_441611111_zpseaf75c49.jpg

Me with Audrey dear fooling around with the amazing LG 84 inch Ultra HD TV. Owh, and mind the blur image on the television, because it's in 3D mode thats why we were all given a pair of 3D glasses that day to experience the up-front images floating right infront of our eyes. It was so cool :) .

 photo 1010909_10151486035951235_820059162_n_zps03621148.jpg

Besides then just touring around the booth, LG did came up with a few activities for all the bloggers as well. All of us was grouped in a group of 4 and one of the activities was to perform a gangnam style dance, & what's not a surprise !

It was really a good entertainment for everyone who was there, we laughed, we giggled, we made new friends and it was one of a hell of a great fiesta.

 photo LGTV_zps1588935a.jpg
WIth Audrey dear.

 photo IMG_4429111_zpsc5c40f0f.jpg

 photo IMG_4432111_zpse277dd09.jpg

 photo IMG_4430111_zps4ae0f1f2.jpg
Audrey, Jane, Daniel, Erica and Me.

 photo 945119_10151485963456235_1714166660_n_zpsed5425d5.jpg
Audrey, Josh, Erica and Jane.

Since the theme was Fiesta , us bloggers have all decided to glam ourselves up with popping and vibrant colors. Same goes to the whole entire event as well, the atmosphere was great and suits the theme perfectly well with all the colors, ballons and set up as well.

Last but least, is always perfect to end a post with the product that I think has a ultra good combination. I present you the ;

LG Cinema 3D Smart TV LA8600
 photo LA8600_large_inscreen_01_zpseef8aee7.jpg

and the

9.1 CH Cinema Home Sound Theater

 photo large01_zps6ab62cfe.jpg

I could totally image where and how would i decorate my living room with this two amazing combination. A Cinema TV backing up with these sick ass sound system.

 photo 1st_zps248a24ed.jpg
My ideal living room , with the ultra awesome television and home sound theater :)

 photo 2_zpsb33f0e9f.jpg

 photo Elegant-White-House-property-architectural-interior-designcopy_zpsa4d0d4ab.jpg

If I have a cinema room at my house, this is how I would definitely and 100% sure that I would decorate my cinema room like this with those soft pillows , deem lights and the 60inch monster and 9.1 CH sound system :)

How I wish all these are mine / / and , yesh a girl sure damn can dream :)

Hope you enjoy.
Peace out :) 


Anis Athia said...

hi groupmate, ur picture in my blog in this post : http://www.anisempoi.com/2013/06/lg-fiesta.html

feel free to visit ^_^
nice to meet u

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