Tuesday, April 2, 2013


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As my final year of university finally kick in to me, fears, anxious and confusion is starting to crawl all over me. It's not the matter of the part that I don't know what I want to do, is the future of a working life, the process and the thought of it just creeps me out once in a blue moon.

It's good to always have a guide, a consultant or perhaps just someone there to help you out and ease away all the tension. I remember during the year of my SPM, my school will always have this small educational fair that invites a few colleges over , so that we all could get a hang of what it is like to be a college student. Well this time round, Career Tour is organizing a "Career Tour" campaign that goes to various colleges to cater and to give us some knowledge about different job specialization.

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Before I start, lets just have a rough idea what CareerTour itself is. Basically Career Tour ir organized by CareerTour (M) Sdn Bhd. This campaign will be running in six universities namely Segi University, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Taylor's Lakeside Campus, University Putra Malaysia and UCSI University.

They will be held from April 2013 till June 2013. What's amazing is each of these venues will cater for a different job specialization, as I mention early, just so you will not miss out on the type of career you're looking for.

CareerTour's main objective is to allow students to understand better on their future career prospects, and knowing what their interest is and their strengths and weakness. Not to mention , it is also to provide a platform for employers to recruit the potential talents at the right place.

Information of CareerTour .

April 2013
3 April 2013 : Kolej Bandar Utana (KBU), DAMANSARA
10 - 11 April 2013 : SEGI University, KOTA DAMANSARA
17 - 18 April 2013 : University Kebangsaan Malaysia, BANGI
26 April 2013 : Taylors University, (Lakeside Campus)

May 2013
15 - 16 May 2013 : University Putra Malaysia, SERDANG

June 2013
11 - 12 June 2013 : UCSI University

Besides than merely just introducing and provide and understanding statement of a better future career prospects , to spice things up CareerTour actually came up with a few contest too.

There is 4 types of contest that Career Tour organized :

a) Facebook Like & Win Contest
All the participants who join is able to stand a chance and win a Mini iPad, students are required to like the CareerTour’s Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/mycareertour and Share. It is just that easy!

b) “Guess the Job & Win” Contest
As for this contest, for all contestant that join they stand a chance to win a Samsung Salaxy S4, students are required to like the CareerTour and guess the Career Images Shown on the panels (Will be located inside the careerfair exhibition hall).

Eg. Doctor/Engineer/Nurse/Dentist/Etc

c) “Quality Resume” Contest
Moreover, for this contest the participants would also be able to stand a chance to win a iPhone 5, students are required to submit their resume to CareerTour Secretariat and the most quality resume will win! Resume will be judged based on creativity, content and the relevancy of the job applied for. 

So, be creative and stand out from the crowd!

d) “Get Hired & Win” Contest
Last but not least, contestants stand a chance to grab away cash worth of RM 10,000.00, students are required to apply for a job and get hired during the careerfair! A random winner will be selected from the pool of candidates who were employed. Don’t be nervous but excited!

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When it comes to attending a fair like career fair or anything that have got to do which your future , there are a few useful tips that you have to prepared to get yourself ready before attending the Career Tour.

For me the most crucial thing to do and to prepare before attending the Career Tour is :

 (1) To Research on Companies.
- choose a few companies that you have in mind
- study and know about the background of the companies
- then select the top three that you have great interest in
- Thus, at least you already have YOUR TOP 3 company that you would like to know more in depth about during the Career Tour

(2) Dress to Impress
- It's important because first impression always tells people who you are.
- The 3S : Smart, Simple & Style
- Dont over dress it as well as dont under dress it.

(3) Prepare a list of questions often asked in interviews
- This helps you to be mentally and physically prepared when it comes to an interview.
- Ease intense, awkward and panic moment
- To show that you are serious and confient about this job.

(4) Learn to Write a Quality Resumes
- Resume or CV are the golden key to you career success
- Lean how to impress but but not to boost
- A good resume also shows what kind of person you are.

These are a few tips that I think what a person should do before attending the Career Tour. To know where and how to get in details tips and instruction for more useful tips www.careertour.com.my, for more information and details

CareerTour Contact Information
Tel : 03-6211.1412
Email : hello@careertour.com.my
Website : www.careertour.com.my
Address : B-1-19 (Suite 8), Plaza Damas 3, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur. 


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