Saturday, January 12, 2013




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Hat : H&M | Top & Bottom : Bangkok | Tweed jacket : Gifted | Bag: Fashion Fanatic | Heels scandal : Zara 

After a long weekend travelling around the city of shopping with my best friends, it was despairing for me to leave and come back to reality. Being so beaten by the fact that I should have bought a big luggage, I've learned my very lesson to take in advice from the experience ones. There is definitely a second round for me to go there again because 4 days 3 nights with the size of my gear it's absolutely not enough. Not to mention, it's saddening and depressing as I have to restrain myself from so many things.

Aside from caviling all the disappointment, I m blessed for the few things that come towards me during and after the trip. Not to forget, new purchases as well, which is time for me to really clean up the closet
once again.

I was so excited that i needed to take them out for a spin yesterday. Wearing a crop top and tweed short  from Bangkok along with a tweed jacket which is a gifted from the boy's mum and hat for a day out with the boy.

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