Sunday, January 20, 2013

Part 3 : Dont lose it all.

When it comes to long distance relationship, it does take a lot of strength, courage and effort to maintain the connection. This is because sometimes it does get harder and HARDER , especially when you suddenly lose touch with the person you love who is staying a thousand miles away from you.

Relationship is just like friendship as well. I have a best friend who studied at Melbourne a year back, it is tough to see and to know that the closest  friend of yours is leaving to somewhere far and she 'll be away for awhile. It totally understand the situation between Amy’s and Nick, Nick hasn’t replied in so long and Amy has become so depressed. Well as for me I didnt get depressed, I was just sad for missing out so much things in my best friend life in Melbourne. 

However, back to the main topic,  now that we know what really happen, is Nick okay though?
Lets watch the video now :)...

After watching the second minisode of the video, we all know that Nick was actually about to buy a ring to propose to Amy when a tragedy happened. He was brave enough to help the poor lady but in the end did he get hurt terribly.

You know, when such situation happen you always wish you could just ran in front of Amy to just let her know what truly happen to Nick. But what would she have done if she knew that Nick was hurt?

For me, is true that there's nothing Amy could do. If Amy knew, she wouldnt have got together with Joe. Moreover, I personally think that we cant blame Amy for giving up in waiting for Nick's reply , it just happen with the wrong people at the wrong time.

Aside from Nick and Amy, DO YOU think Joe is taking ADVANTAGE of this situation? What do you think Joe would do if he found out Nick was in trouble? 

What do you think guys?
For me I ll stay neutral. Because Joe is neither wrong or right. 

However most importantly, in the case of Amy and Nick’s relationship it shows that they unfortunately still lost touch without data. That’s is the reason why it is always important to fuel up on data or you might just risk losing it all.

After all, everything is on the Internet now and it costs almost nothing at all. Just as long as you have data, it makes a whole lot differences in any aspects. One good example from Amy and Nick is managing their long distance relationship. It does make managing relationship so much simpler so dial #128* to sign up for any pack to have it all.

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