Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fashion Valet X Sugarplum Candyfloss






A big thank you to Fashion Valet for the items sent over .
It was surprising day to received a big box from the mail and i couldn't get my hand on to see the items that Ive order from Fashion Valet. 

Before i proceed to the items, is good to introduce and talk a little about Fashion Valet. It is an online shopping store with over 150 different brands of local origin within the South East Asian region such as Thailand and Indonesia. Their products range from trendy/ modern to traditional. My mind was in the state of doubt when i was browsing through the website. I was so indecisive in terms of what should I pick, because they have so many choices and I just wanted mostly everything. Over 150 brands as mentioned, Fashion Valet has practically everything a girl needs and look for.

Besides that, what's best about fashion valet is that they ship worldwide. For Malaysian itself, we have the privileged to enjoy free shipping. However, as for International orders it depends on weight of parcel.

What's even more great about Fashion Valet is that, all newly registered members will receive 10 credits points automatically to start off their shopping spree. They have a credit point system called FV Rewards. It means that the more you spend, the more you get back. For more info about the FV Rewards , here the website : http://www.fashionvalet.com/fv-rewards

Back to the items...

One of the item i chose was this pearl chain necklace. & I have  great affection towards it already. Thus, based on my experience, Fashion Valet have an excellent customer service as I can see that, hey really do prioritize all their customer's need. It's a wholesome of great package for all of you out there.

Last but not least : www.fashionvalet.com/

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