Sunday, October 28, 2012

Red Parade

Wearing all red and parading the street during the weekend does catches attention everywhere. I didnt pay much attention to that, because i really did wanted to wear that red pants that Ive been hanging in my closet for week. Surprisingly, i love how the monochromatic combination turned out to be. Not to mention, with those water ink effect adding on to the pictures, does bring the feel of the image to a whole new level . 


Antonia | FASHION IMPERATIVE said...

This look is so beautiful! Love the colors!

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Amanda L said...

@antonia : Thanks loves :)

Amanda L said...

@antonia : Thanks loves :)

Sam said...

Ah I'm loving the juxtaposition of your outfit photo with the swirly ink and the leaf prints! I'm waiting for it to get cooler here so I can wear full on red like you- unfortunately it's November in HK and still 25 degrees hot. T-T


Amanda L said...

@sam thaanks so much,,, that idea just some how came across my mind and i was trying my luck to see whether does it turns out great :)

& is hot there now?... i miss hong kong :( you blog just kept tempting me to go back to hong kong !!