Monday, October 15, 2012

Be Hip ! Go Bald

On the 10th of October, KDU University College has organized a campaign that leaves a mark of their school history as well as a whole lot of memories and unforgettable moments for both their students and lecture. Once again, I was fortunate enough to be there to witness and kept that as part of my memory.

A total of 33 individuals comprising both lectures and student from various countries has volunteered to go bald for cancer in aid of the Home of Hope at the National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM). For me, I always felt that people who create such an awareness, and people who actually volunteer to do anything just to save a child's life, and people who put their whole life in helping other people, really do deserve my respect in all sorts of manner.

This fundraising campaign was carried out by the student enrolled in the Corporate Social Responsibility module at the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts (SHTCA) at KDU University College. Moreover, this campaign was actually organized in conjunction with September being  Childhood Cancer Awareness month in the United States and Canada. The main reason the student wanted to organized this campaign was because the student organizers wants to create awareness on childhood cancer as September is not nationally recognized as Childhood Cancer Awareness month in Malaysia.

The month long campaign culminated all 33 volunteers to be able to raise a total of RM 20,000 for children with cancer staying at the Home of Hope at NCSM and willingly to be shaved bald in order to benefit a Malaysian charity. I can truly felt that these students really did put in their everything, their effort, their spirit to make this campaign a successful one.

The campaign started off with the speech by Dr Tan , Deputy VC (Left).

She said that, " This is a good opportunity for people to learn more about cancer and understand the trial that children as well as their caregivers have to undergo through their loved ones cancer journey. At the same time, it gives courage to thee children afflicted with cancer to carry on their lives and that they have people rooting for them to carry on and fight for their lives."

Followed by NCSM President, Dr Saunthari Somasundaram (Right)  commends the efforts of KDU University College students and stadd to give a helping hand to promote awareness on childhood cancer. She believes that all this effort should be made as an example of and continued by other universities in Malaysia.

One of the volunteers who shaved for cancer, Datin Puteri Julianna said that the reason why she shaved her hair was because she wants to give support to the poeple who are closed and dear to her who diagnosed with cancer, she wants to send a message to them that she will always be with them. Last but not least she mentioned : " I hope the money collected can be used to assist especially the children who have cancer to get treatment they need".

Chef Raymond Tham was also one of the volunteer to shave bald as well. He did not only agreed to go bald but he went extra mile by preparing his favorite tiramisu as a token of appreciation for those who donated to help him to reach his personal target of RM10, 000. According to Chef Raymond, he said that he is neither a scientist nor a surgeon, He's just a pastry chef. As such through his effort and people's generosity, there is a hope that we can fill the world with love and help to sweeten the lives of the children who have to deal with horrors of cancer.

Indeed, it was an emotional moment when the volunteers went through the experiences of losing their crowning glory while the audience cheered to provide moral support throughout the massive shaving of heads. 

There was one particular volunteer that stood out among the rest, she is really a braver. Seeing her hair been shaved, I really couldnt imagine what was running through her mind. It takes alot, and i really mean it, ALOT of courage, strength and mental spirit for a girl to actually volunteer to shave her hair off. She reminds me alot of a close friend to me, this close friend of mine really went and shaved off her hair because she wants to give both mentally and physically support to her mum who had breast cancer few years back :) Girls like this, really set a good example to all the girls other there :)

 The event ended with Dr. Wani who represented NCSM at the event, to receive a mock cheque for the amount of RM40,877. Sponsors for the campaign include Chezz Hair Academy, Estee Lauder, Global Repro Printers, Mano;s Depiction Photography and Thiaga 90 Studio among others.

Thus, Would you go bald for cancer? :)