Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pink cloud with thud

Credit to Emilie Lim

Denim Jacket : Mum's
Floral Corset : Sturm n Drum
Pink Skirt : Bazaar
Bangles: Chic pop and Gifted

When everything seems to dull and moodless, a dip of colors in to your outfit helps to enhance the whole atmosphere. Few days ago, a dear friend of mine was asking me whether can I style up a few outfit to match with different color of head turban. So I am still new at this but I hope I did it the right way. 

Sheikah Mozah does set as a trendsetter for all the Muslim people as she is amazingly fantastic at stylish up herself. 

Being inspired by Sheikah Mozah, 
I was wondering why not create a much chic and casual look to match with either a red, maroon or pink color head turban. Hope it doesnt looked to weird :)