Monday, September 10, 2012

Petronas : Sentuhan Kasih Ramaahan 2012

After weeks of hectic and sleepless night, I finally get to update my blog with what I have been doing and involving in for the pass few week. During the month of Ramadhan,  PETRONAS has organised a charity event to help the orang asli at Kampung Bukit Kala to get started and prepared for Ramadhan.

PETRONAS has reached out to about 550 families of Kampung Orang Asli Bukit Kala, Gombak through this charity event called Sentuhan Kasih programme. 

The programmes started with gotong-royong by a group of 70 PETRONAS, emplyee and 30 PETRONAS Facebook fans to clean and refurbish the common areas and facilities in the village as well :) So along with the other amazing and pretty bloggers, volunteer and staff from PETRONAS, we waste no time and get our hands on the brooms and start cleaning up the surrounding area along with the rest. I must say though it look small from far but it's actually quite a big compound of space and area that is needed to be clean. 

Us three musketeers brooming all the way hahha. With Audrey and Vanes :)

Josh working his ass off to clean up the place as well ;)

With the ladies ;) 

Besides than just cleaning up the surrounding, many organization was there to share, teach, and just merely having fun entertaining the children:) The interactive educational activities was conducted by the outreach uniys of PETROSAINS, Galeri PETRONAS and Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS. The activities was mainly dedicated for the children in the village

Do you see what i see :) Of course, they are famous with their home cook food and yuums it means lunch time is just around the corner. Never really knew how lemang was made off, but i guess now i do. Told you it's a one of a life time experience to be there :) Seeing them preparing from scratch and just by standing there, the aroma of the curries that was place right next beside me just never stop tempting me. 

While waiting for the food to get prepared, lets learn how to menganyam :) It was pretty hard to catch how to make it but as I kept learning from my error I must say it's quite easy after a while. & It's so addictive, I guess me and Audrey spend quite a while sitting there and just kept on doing one after another :) 

After a long day being there, finally get to rest and cam whore :)

Towards the end of the programme, PETRONAS contributed essential food hampers to 200 underprivileged families from the village, presented by Senior General Manager of Group Corporate Affairs Division, Dato Mohammad Medan Abdullah :)

I was beyond than thrilled and excited at the same time to be involved in this charity event. It was a great experience for me to be, because first I have never ever actually went to a orang asli village and second it has been a long long time since I've been involving myself in ' gotong-royong' :). Moreover, being able to do something for them it's really my privileged.

Last but not least, thank you PETRONAS for organizing such meaningful and unforgettable event and allowing us to be part of it. Not to mention, thanks to Advertlets as well for inviting us to be part of it . Cheerios :)