Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sugarplumcandyfloss x Phat Culture

 Military jacket : H&M
Dress : Phat Culture
Heels Scandal : ZARA
Watch : Gifted
Belt : Flea market
Accessories: Forever 21
Rings: Gifted

Lovely dress sponsor by Phat Culture, once again thank you very much. the women behind Phat Culture is such a sweetheart. So head on now to PHAT CULTURE and check out what they have in store for you pretty ladies out there :).  Indeed, I've always been curious whether does these material and fabrics suit me when I put it on. I was having a hard time picking between this and hot neon pink with dress with a big heart shape cut out on the back. 

And looking at how it turn out, truly satisfieeed. At least is something new to try it out with fabrics. Aside from being just a dress dress, I had a little twist with the dress by pairing it with a military jacket, and now it looks more like a two pieces to it :) . Dresses can be damn versatile i have to say, you can create many types of outfits with a dress.


AzaharaJStyle said...

wonderful dress

Amanda L said...

hey azahara thanks dear for teh comment :)