Friday, August 24, 2012

SugarplumCandyfloss x KissJane

Green Blazer : Kiss Jane
Strip long sleeve: Kiss Jane
Necklace : Kiss Jane
Denim jeans : Unknown
Green Suede Heels: Kiss and tell
Bag : KizzMe Style 

So sorry for such late outfit post, I've been delaying this post for quite sometime. Just didnt have the right time to edit and blog about it. First of all thanks to KissJane for such lovely pieces because approximately a month ago, I ve received a lovely  package all the way from Singapore with love :) is an online market place with the largest collection in Singapore. They actually aggregated the top local brands and have over 18,000 design changes in their outlets.Since I'm such a huge fan of blazer , I got myself this green blazer, pairing with this strip long sleeve top from Kiss jane and the f-amazing necklace from kiss jane once again and with my one and only green suede peep-toe mary jane heels from Kiss and tell. My biggest favor online store ever :)

It was my best grab from Kiss Jane :) 
Thank KissJane once again !


AzaharaJStyle said...

wonderful blazer

Hand Meid said...

I love the blazer and shoes. You can also get your own personalized ring from :)

Amanda L said...

@azhara : thanks loove so much u have an amazing blog i have to saay :);)

@hand meid : thanks love, will check out alright :):)