Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Blazer : Zara
Denim top : Topshop
Denim jeans " Unknown
Wedges : Kiss and Tell
Leopard Clutch: Singapore

The idea of matching denim with denim seems to be an interesting outfit that i absolutely find it , is must-experiment-outfit-look. It was after i surf through, Hosanna (as always) never fails to inspire me more and more, day by day. But Hosanna pulls off the look many times better than I, that's why she's my all time favorite blogger. It was one of those outfit I parade in college, and I enjoy doing it :D


Chui Teng said...

Denim with Denim..will try this!! thanks for telling us :)

Amanda L said...

@ chui teng : ahah no worries :):)