Friday, July 13, 2012

Snake on Prints

Snake print blazer ; ZARA
Snake print collar tee : Riot of Fash
Shorts : ZARA
Fur Clutch : Kizz Style
Spike Bracelets : Hong Kong & Singapore 
Boots : Kiss and Tell
Rings: Thrifted store

Rise and shine guys, yes i am up early for a blog post because i heading to work in about like 30 minutes.Yesterday was the only day that i could actually get to breath and have all the time to myself to actually get my butt to the cinema to watch Spider-man before I start getting too out dated. Even my boy's grandmother in way more updated then us now. So Spiderman was great i have to say, guessed it;s because  is something fresh new a whole new concept with new characters and all, i actually prefer this Spiderman rather than the previous wan ;). Andrew Garfield really is... amazing :)

So this was what i wore for the day , pairing print over print, never really tried that before but it seems that it didnt turn out so bad afterall. Not to forget along with the fur / crocodile skin clutch and the boots from Kiss and tell :) 


Merit said...

Loove this outfit, nice jacket ! :)

Eugene Marseille said...

Beautiful outfit!:)


Amanda L said...

thansk merit sdear ahha and thanks eugene as well :):)