Monday, July 2, 2012

Exotic Tropical

Lace Blazer: Miss Selfridge
Floral Sheer Tee : Taobao
High-waisted Beige Pants: ZARA
Nude Heels : Forever 21
Sequin Clutch : Taobao
Woven Chain Bracelet : Flea Market

I am 100% sure that floral print has got me hooked up to it. I am practically hunting for more floral and even more floral prints from top to bottom now. & i am so glad that i ve found a few pieces that i ve been eyeing for quite some time and there goes all my hard earn money $$.. all down to floral prints. At the other hand, I am getting all the talk from my parent asking me to really saved up the money now, at one point i really did plan to actually open an account solely just for saving up and owwh gawd this aint good.

"Whoever said that money doesnt buy happiness doesnt know how to shop". LOL

I am pretty happy how the floral print turns out to be. This was by far the second most good grab items I've ever purchase among the rest of items that was send over to my place the other day. Therefore, stay tune for more outfit post :) 

Photograph by my awesome brother, Ryan Liu.

Hype yet?


Merit said...

Love this outfit, nice heels ! :)

Rachel Ng said...

that's lovely ! how much does the heels cost ?

Amanda L said...

@merit : thanks dear :)

@rachel Ng : hey dear , its cost about RM129 if i am not mistaken. I kind of bought it quite long ago :)

Unknown said...
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Siew Lee Tan said...

hello amanda! :D where did you get your nail polish from? its pretty!

Amanda L said...

@siew lee , which nail polish that youre referring too ahah ;)

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