Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Back To Basic

Photograph by Zachary Joseph

Blazer : H&M
Top : Eye Candie
Bottom : Mum's
Bracelet: Bugis street store
Shoe : Topshop

Black and white always seems to be the all time best color for any outfit. I must say, it is a much safer and comfortable color to choose if you're not to sure what to wear or maybe too often some of us are feeling too comfortable within our comfy zone in colors. Black and white still rules the world of fashion because it's a color that will never go wrong with any outfits. 


Merit said...

Cool outfit ! :)


Tanya Dimitrova said...

Your style is amazing! Can you please tell me how tall are you? Thank you!

Amanda L said...

@merit : Thaaanks dear

@tanya : heey dear ahaha thank you so much :) I am 170 cm :)