Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mr Bean

Mr Bean started in 1995 as the leading chain soya bean food and beverage retailer in Singapore. They have more then 60 outlets located island wide, offering a variety of soya bean drinks and snack. They now have outlets in Japan, South Korea, China, Philippines and now malaysia. It's definitely a one stop shop for youngster and elderly to enjoy a refreshing ice blended flavored soya drinks, ice cream, pastries and more.

I remember when i was at Singapore, I always have to walked pass a few shops along the way from the place that i live to the MRT station. Well i have to say, there was this particular shop that have caught my attention among the rest, and it's definitely a shop call Mr Bean. I never fail to stop by and just take a look at the shop, and it just puts a smile on my face.

What's most exciting is, Mr Bean is finally here in Malaysia. With the great courtesy of Advertlets and Mr Bean, I get to try a few different flavor of pancakes and drinks.

I was welcomed with their signature soya milk.The level of sugar it's just nice that i won't say is too sweet or tasteless as well. In fact, you can choose you're own personally and suitable level of sugar too. Besides that, the taste of the authentic soya bean taste actually just stays at your mouth even after you drink it. It's just tasty and refreshing at the same time. 

We were served with a variety of beverage that contain soya milk in it to start our tasty-testing meal.

My favorite drinks has definitely got to be this two fruity soya drink. The watermelon soya milk is refreshing and the icy mango soya milk taste exactly like mango smoothie but healthier. 

As for this two pearly drinks, it actually does reminds me of those bubble tea drinks. But what's different , is, both pearly bandung soya milk and pearl soya milk drink is made out of soya milk. For me i think is tasty and healthier, because is made out of soya milk and you can get to choose how sweet you want. What 's even unique is that, they have it in bandung flavor, for all the bandung lovers :) 

Not to mention, now for those who loves to eat cendol, Mr bean presents you the most handy and convenient way to consume it. This cendol soya milk, does taste a lil different then the normal cendol because it contains soya milk instead of condense milk and sugar. I have to say , it taste really refreshing and it feels as if i can have the best of both world. Consuming it at a much more healthier way:) A definitely much try!!

Pancakes session, don't you think the mascot just made your day:)

The pancakes that i ve been longing to try since i came back from Singapore months ago, the chocolate and red bean pancakes:) It's my favorite because it's not too sweet, it's tasty, the texture of the soya pancake is chewy and like what the chinese saying , very " Q" :)
I ve missed you too long, pancakes !!

Besides that chocolate and red bean, they also have a variety of pancakes that suits all age group as well. For those who have sweet tooth would loves their double chocolate, chocolate and custard pancake. For those who loves tasty food would definitely love their tuna and cheese pancakes. 

Last but not least, it's desert time.

Amazing beancurd tang yuan made with soya milk, and black sesame glutinious rice ball. Yuuums :) 

And I love this ice cream. Seriously, words can't describe how good this is. 

 So here's the rest of the menu :)

Their Products:

1. Soya Milk

 Almong Soya Milk  Ginger Soya Milk

 Chendol Soya Milk    Carrot Soya Milk

 Celery Soya Milk        Icy Chocolate Soya Milk

 Pearly Soya Milk         Icy Mocha Soya Milk
 Icy Mango Soya Milk Icy Soya Milk

 Soya Milk                    Pearly Bandung Soya Milk
 Fruity Soya Milk

2. Beancurd

 Almong Beancurd   Ginko Nut Beancured
 Soya Beancurd        Beancurd with Tang Yuan

3. Grass Jelly

 Grass Jelly Bowl    Grass Jelly Soya Milk


 Curry and Wasabi Soya Beans

Adopting the fast food concept , Mr Bean possesses the experience ad the technology to produce fresh and delectable produst offerings with rich nutritional value. Their promise is to always provide food and beverage that appeal to everyone. They also promise, only the finest ingredients and highest grade of NGMO (Non genetically modified, identity Preserves, Premium Grade I and High Protein), soya beans goes into every product while their vital secret ingredient remains at heart. 

With almost more than 50 outlet island wide, today Mr Bean had prides himself on a strong corporate philosophy, where constant research goes into producing healthy and creative products. They are poised to expand rapidly in the region as well.

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