Friday, June 15, 2012

Jayesslee Live in KL 2012

Jayesslee Jayesslee Jayesslee, I am pretty sure this name aint sound strange to you anymore. A twin sister, Sonia and Janice,  who shares their passion for singing and music to the world,and currently ranking on the top 2 most subscribes Youtube musician in Australian. On top of that, pictures of Sonia's wedding was flooding across the social network. people sharing and giving their biggest bless to the newly wed.

And if you still dont have a clue who Jayesslee are, I'll highly suggest you to youtube their name up and watch their video. :) or perhaps... start watching the video below.

Officially Missing You - Jayesslee

I remember last yea, i had the opportunity to witness them live and right infront of my face. Listening to them singing, sharing their moments with us and giving us, Malaysian the warming smile for welcoming them. I didnt want the showcase to end so fast because I dont know when will them be coming down to Malaysian and their music is so captivating that a few hours with them is not enough.

But now... knowing that Jayesslee is coming down to Malaysia once again, I am a happpppyyy girl again :). I cant wait to watch them live and it yours a Jayesslee fan go and grab your ticket and grab the best seats to watch them live on 23rd June, Dewan Wawasan, Menara PGRM at 7.30 pm :) 

Ticket price available :

See you peeps there :D