Sunday, April 29, 2012

An Honest Mistake

Dress : Cotton On
Skirt :Taobao
Heel : Payless
Hat : F Block
Belt : Bazaar
Bracelet : Forever 21 
Claw Bracelet : Jetedeesire 

This was what i wore for An Honest Mistake (AHM) Album Launch today. Woke up in the morning, was actually still in my dead and sleepy mode, didnt really know what to wear , and suddenly thought of the skrit. It has been hanging they waving at me for weeks :) So i pair it with a white dress underneath and wallah... there you go.

AHM was good, there have bazaars and youtube artist singing for the day. Went over to support the ming brothaa and my dearest charis ;). 

Hype yet?


Nina said...

This is such a gorgeous outfit! I love your skirt and that necklace is amazing :)


Merit said...

Looove this look ! :)


Satine said...

You look amazing!Love your skirt :)
Follow me via GFC and let me know, then I'll follow you back immediately :)

b♥ said...

Simple but oh-so-chic (:

Anonymous said...

how do you buy from taobao?

ifyoucouldsee said...

Which taobao link is that pretty skirt from? :) can you share!!

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amanda liu said...

@nina " heey dear thanks :)
@merit : thaanks Dear :)
@satine " hahaha will definitely check out and thanks dear
@b : thanks love
@anonymous : i buy thru and agent :)
@if you could see ; hey dear i ll try finding the link and sent it at ur bloh, so sorry for late reply been busy ;)

Naomi Loo said...

I just bought this skirt and no idea what to wear it with! Thank you for the outfit inspiration :) x

Amanda L said...

hey naomiii so glad that my post helped you ouuut :)