Monday, February 13, 2012


Ever heard about STYLO + NMYLO?

If you haven heard about well you would probably need to add them into your fashion-must-have store item. If u have read my blog all this while, i m sure you would know i am ah extreme heels addict. Seeing those shoes displaying on the internet made me when from hmmm to woah :) Is definitely a must to intro.

Stylo + Mylo was founded on June 2011. Those shoes are  uniquely designed by the founders themselves according to their own principles. Which is finding the balances between art and design, effortless styles, a controlled dosage of trend and also with a little bit of fun in it.

As a fashionistas, teh founders recognize the consumer needs but also appreciate the more artistic aspect of fashion. Therefore, they bring these two elements and blending it into their products to be more relatable and sophisticated. Moreover, all the shoes by STYLO + MYLO are hand-crafted shoes with high quality. ZEach shoe is meticulously crafted to ensure comfort and quality.

" A machine made shoe can never give that authentic and personalized finish that a shoe in the hands of a master craftsman does." - STYLO + MYLO

Therefore check out their
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Amran Merae said...

the 1st red heels look nice. it look like snake print. very unique

Amanda L said...

i like the last one its chameleon skin . Nice right :D