Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Blues

 ( High waisted blue shorts and black suede wedges from Kiss and Tell, SEE by ChloE bad from Eranzi, and top from brother's closet, claw bracelet from Jetedeesire)

A proper outfit post after so long :) I used to find monochromatic color matching outfit pretty cool, i never try it out myself. So, today i told myself why not? I like how the whole entire outfit turns out . Matching a light blue oxford collar top with a hight waisted blue suede shorts that was sponsored by Kiss and Tell, just perfect :)

And i finally found the perfect claw bracelet that i ve always wanted to get :) What a coincident, apparently the blogshop that i purchase the bracelet was one of my friend's friend blogshop. No postage fee for me :) Awesome !

Last but not least, i have to credit to my great and good brother of mine for taking such lovely pictures :) 

Hype Yet :)


Leonie. L said...

♥ your style.
Congratulations, I have awarded you the versatile blogger award because I love your blog! Pick up your award from and then follow these steps:

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Leonie x


hey dear thanks for choosing me and i ll will definiteluy blog about it for my next post :)