Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Finders Keepers

Liking what you see below ?

UNESTABLISH.COM is pleased to announce one of its latest arrival, Australian label named Finders Keepers.

Finders keepers is a fresh take on what we call , fast fashion with a signature look that is defined by it's own unique and quirky prints along with on-trend designs and lots of color. 

The label was conceived in 2009, which set out to fill the niche of creating a line that was affordable yer maintained a young, fun and fashionable edge. From its humble beginnings, the label has definitely fast become a favorite on the fashion scene and now the label Finders Keepers is stocked in over 250 stores across Australia, New Zealand and in UK/ Europe.

What to know more, see more, shop more from Finders Keepers. 

Click on the banner below, search under brands, and look for Finders Keepers,  and you'll get to see more designs and prints from the label.

If you are a prints and color blocking lover, i highly recommend to check out the label. Their latest collection sees more exclusive prints, shirts, shorts, playsuits, handcrafted, embroidery, and the labels's trademark party dresses.

Just so you're wondering what is UNESTABLISH.COM all about, well UNESTABLISH.COM is an online multi-label boutique that offers a wide selection of the most desirable and coveted clothing and accessories by inspiring global trends. With new product lines and brands released each month, UNESTABLISH aspires to be the one stop avenue for online retail and the latest trends and styles.

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