Monday, December 19, 2011


A little live journal here about a trip down to Singapore, and now i am starting to miss that small little island which is so close yet so far from me.I like the feel of walking along Orchard road and see how the city is filled with people walking around and building filled with unique architecture and concept. Ahh how i wish i could stay alil longer with more cash. Daumn, the shopping there is awesome. 

Met up Juen when i was there as well. All this while it was him visiting me back in KL so i guess is time that i play my part. That night was epic funny, how could you not know that there was an airline there -.-. Overall it was nice, might be going back soon :)

ALEXIS MAGAZINE Vol 008 2011 is out. Thanks Alexis :D


nené said...

adore trips' post!!!!

xoxo from

Antonia said...

Looking ADORABLE!! :)
Loving your pics!


Minh Nguyet said...

I love your blog soooo much :)

Amanda L said...

@nene : thanks my dear :)

@antonia : hahah thanks lovee ,23

@ming Nguyet: awww thank love will check out ur blog as well :D

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