Thursday, December 1, 2011


 It's December :)

Means christmas is around the corner :)

Pleated Halter Mini Dress : Club Couture
Necklace : GlamTags

Photo credits : Estima Khian

Few days back, was helping a friend of mine to finish up his photography assignment. So we decided to take a tour to Cyberjaya :). The view and scenery was magnificent , everyone we go we went like .. " Omg, this place nice ..stop the car"

However , not to mention. A big thank you to Club Couture and GlamTags for the sponsorship. This Pleated Halter Mini Dress from Club Couture was definitely a good pick. The fabric and color is soft and clear. It's comfy as well as feminine. I love how the back part of the tank is not attach with a cloth across it , like the front part. Love how it sway so beautifully everytime i walk. Thanks Club Couture.

Do visit them at : 

I am sure you wont wanna miss out those pretty apparel :)

Moreover , i shall update more regarding to GlamTags sponsorship on the necklace on my next few post, stay tuned peeps because you wont want to miss it out , i guarantee :) 

Lastly, hype me yet?


Avellia said...

sweet & lovely simply dress.. love it :)

warmest regards,
Miss Aa

Amanda L said...

Thanks avellia :)