Friday, November 4, 2011


Top : Self ripped shirt from my hun
Bottom : Leopard print shorts from sg, wang
Bag : Salvatore Feraggamo 
Necklaces : My hun's
Rings : Gifted & Thrifted
Hat : F Block
Flats : H & M

Thanks hun :)

A self ripped shirt pairing with a leopard print shorts ;) I love ripped shirt all this while, i have tried making and DIY one before, unfortunately my attempt failed. Neh i did not make this by myself, it was made by my hun who somehow presented it to me . Is either he couldnt wear it or he didnt want it anymore. Well its nice afterall so i just took it hahah :)

Basically this was what i wore for Chic Pop 10th Installation. This time round, i have definitely burned a hole in my pocket. But is was a good catch this time :) Never regret getting it, the fact that i almost ruined it the moment i wore it. It breaks my heart for a moment but thank gosh it's still save :)

Hype yet :)


Antonia said...

Such a gorgeous look...I like it!! Fabulous pics dear!! :))


Amanda L said...

Thanks my dear :)

Kat said...

Very beautiful!!! I love the pants the flats and the purse. Where are the pants from?