Monday, August 29, 2011

Sweet Caroline

The other day, right after dinner, i suddenly have this urge to do mini shoot. So i drag my brother and showed him the type of shoot that i was looking for :) 
& tadaaa ;)

However, i instantly felt fat after seeing the pictures. I can see extra meat every part of my body hiding under my skin.:(
I feel so big size there but at least the shoot turn out pretty fine :).

Shorts : Topshop
Ring: Gifted & Thrifted 


Squirrel said...

You look is lovely, you are really stylish and beautiful and your not fat at all, if you want to blog you should be careful about what you say because there are many young girls out there bigger than you and that our healthy and will think they are fat.. Style is about knowing and loving yourself and your look.. You shouldn't criticise :))

Antonia said...

Wooow, you are looking really adorable! ;)
Lovely pics!!



Amanda Cullen said...

squirrel : hey you right , i should be happy with what i have :) Thaanks for visiting anyway !

Antonia : Heey my dear , thanks so much for the comment ;)

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