Friday, June 10, 2011

You know what mum , if you and pa is planning to tied me on like this forever. This is it,  from now onwards i am going to prove it to you despite how naive you think i am, that i still have my own goal and dream to chase on. You say you support me but i think thats just a cover up line . You cant always expect people to give you the best , there's also a risk to take in everything you do, you know. You can say that i am still young , i dont know how the world is but if i dont try and acknowledge how the feeling of falling how am i going to know how to stand up from it. You always say , i ve been through the road that you have been through, isnever wrong to listen to me. Well you think i dont know?? At least give me a shot to try those pathway and barriers. As i said before, i know i ll regret but at least i learn something. Sometimes, i am really trying hard to respect you and love you like how other daughters love their parents. But is just that every single things you guys did, always make it so hard for me to love you guys more.

Things dont come in a package that says is free of charge. Everything you do , you buy , there is an investment in it okay. Dont put your expectation so high , because youre not a superstar. You always think whatever i offered you is bullshit and whatever ryan offered you is gold. If you dont want to support me in it, i am not going to force you, then i guess i ll have to do it on my own. Even if i fail, at least i learn from it. I am not a survivor , i know. But is a life time opportunity even though i know is a big risk to take. I cant assure i ll make it , but at least i want try it out. If i want to achieve something , it have to start from sketch.

I know i am not an ideal daughter to you both, and i am sorry for that. This is just who i am.

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