Saturday, May 7, 2011

There's No Price Tag for friendship

I have to do this first , even though i am doing my assignment half way Because i am afraid i ll forget to post this up.

Today is the day that we would normally spend time together. Together along with the others babies ;) But this year, is different. This year made me realized how much me and the rest, miss your presence here in Malaysia. But i ll just keep reminiscing those perfect time and awesome moments we used to spend with each other.

You are a great friend , even though sometimes we might pissed each other off but by the end of the day, we're back to square one. I've learned alot from you and also from others through out the years. I do realized listening to your advice , your point of view actually did made me a better person and maybe a bit smarter la HAHA. There's alot of things that i wanna tell you , things that i want you to know, feelings that i want you to acknowledge,  but i guess you should read it alone and enjoy it alone.You will know what i mean later on.

Lastly, happy birthday Chin Sue Zen.
Like what you told me before, we can predict in the future that we will still be best friend. But i have faith that we will , as long as we try hard enough .

P/s : Your reminder has made me realized , quite alot of things :) Thaanks you. Aligato haha

I love you best friend,
may all your dreams come true and have a blast day at Melbourne :)
Its your big day !!


So red ahhaha!

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