Monday, May 30, 2011

Rolling In The Deep

Currently i ve been so obsessed with Adele's Rolling In The Deep . A cover did by Maddi Jane was beautiful, cant blame me for spamming it non stop because her voice is like the voice of angel. I know i may sound as if i am exaggerating but is true that she sound amazing for a kid at her age :)

Anyway, it's been awhile since i ve update my blog because i have been real busy finishing up the assignments. And one down, a few more to go. All i need to do is just to hang in there for two more weeks, and i am done. Besides that , i have been abit depress because i ve gain weight. & I know that i am not in any position to rant about my weight despite of my health. Is just that, gaining weight obviously is not what any girls would wanna know and would wanna hear. I guess i should be happy instead that my health is so much more better then before.







Hun and i ;)

Hype yet :)


Miss Independent said...

love the top! those shoes are amazing!

AzaharaJS said...

wonderful skirt


Antonia said...

looove your outfit!
super chic!!

and love the cover, that girl is amazing! :))



Kate said...

I love the skirt it's amazing <3

Morgan Jordan said...

Hi there!

I love all your looks and I featured this one on my 7 favorite blogger outfits of the week on my blog, Stylocrat. Hope you enjoy!


Amanda Cullen said...

@ miss independent : thanaks sweetie :)

@ azahara : aww thanks dear

@ antonia : thanks my love so much

@ kate: i love the skirt too , thaanks my dear

@ morgan : thaanks my dear for featuring me on ur blog :D