Saturday, May 14, 2011

I m In Love with Judas

Thanks so much to all the lookbook members for supporting the Japan Collaboration idea that Johanne and Nathalie came up with. & to Peter Adrian for coming up such a brilliant idea. I was so happy and shock that we entitle collected 14144 hype which means 14144 USD has been donated to Japan. Never thought that such collaboration would so big influence. Thanks Lookbook :)

I know i have been lacked of update, I am certainly rushing my assignments like a mad dog. Dont get me wrong , i dont procrastinate my work , is just that my assignment just keeps coming one after another. 

& i have  new hairstyle now . I literally chopped and trimmed my hair the other day, and it looks beyond short than i ve ever expected. I miss my long hair and is because I wanted it to be long and i insist of cutting it since last year. But ohh well, I just need time to get it over it. :) But to come to think about it , sometimes it looks pretty cool.& i have the privileged to let the famous hairstylist from Taiwan to style and cut my hair. I am truly honored for that. ;) Well the main reason that i have to cut my hair is basically for the IBE event organised by Elite Company. IBE is a beauty fair press conference type of event, where Elite Company have invited Taiwan's best beauty show host followed by hairstylist , make up artist and etc.

It's tomorrow already ;) I'll  just take it as something new.Therefore, hahah I need approximately a year plus for it to grow as long as it use to be . Anyway, here's some updates ;)





Top : Kiss and Tell
Bottom : Bought frm Sungai Wang
Wedges : Forever 21
Headband: Forever 21
Peacock Earings: Self-made






Top: Supre
Bottom: Le-Modemaison


Antonia said...

you look so cute!! :))

love that pink skirt!


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