Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Party Rock Anthem

I want to blog about  STYLO event so badly before i forgot every single thing about it , but all the pictures are in my cousin's camera. Like really all , i only have a few here, well okaay maybe another sneak peek once again :) . The student's design were magnificent :) What more can i say about PJCAD , they never fail to make it once again . So happy .

So last week i've been helping Michelle from Kiss and Tell blogshop to style their outfit. I was really happy and excited when Michelle asked whether i could help her out :) It's sort of my first time and i really hope i dont screw up at first. I dont know why , sometimes i tend to get nervous when i 'm helping someone out. So therefore, i hope is what she want and asked for :) So i shall promote her blog here tooo

And to Beatrice Tan. Thaaaaaank you, mwahs. If it wasnt you , i dont think i could get this opportunity too.
This is so for you both :)
So , check it out :)

STYLO , and see who i bought along :)

& this is what i wore :)
Promise will update it as soon as possible :)

Till then :)


Ruby Girl said...

wow you are sooo talented. love ALL of these outfits. esp the black & white striped dress. ahhh so great! <3

Antonia said...

Love all your looks, realy! can't choose which one is best. :)

hope to see you our our blog.

Beatrice Jeanne Tan said...

I'm so proud of you, really. <3

Miss Independent said...

hi! saw u in lookbook, u have a really cute style!

Opposite lipstick said...

wow! love the looks!