Monday, April 25, 2011

Just Like Me

Hello world :)

So this is the baby dress i have been waiting to put it on at the very first moment it arrived in my doorstep :) But my mum said i should really stop wearing all the new clothes at once . So i did a favor for her and wore it on my cousin's wedding ;) . True enough , this dress from , is beyond fan-ta-bulous :) i love the sequins i love the details and i love the material. Sheer and sequins just the perfect match for each other.

Not to mention , thanks Tongue In Chic for sponsoring too :) You guys should really visit their online store at , support them as well :)

Dress : iwearsin
shoe : forever 21
rings : tongue in chic , diva ,& forever 21
hat : f block


Miss Independent said...

love that dress! u having amazing accessories!

Anonymous said...

love your shoes and accesories!!!! :D
followed you! :D

xoxo, ace ♥

Kawai.Cheng said...

hiii u are so cute!!! love form sweden=)

Amanda Cullen said...

Miss independent : haha thanks i love them too ;)

ace : aww thaanks dear :) so much

kawai : ahhaha aww , thanks :)

annalisa said...

love the first shot

We are said...

Killer look I love it