Friday, April 22, 2011

If I Give You My Shooting Star

with my hun :)

It was great to bumped into them :)

with my dearest :)

So i finally get the chance to post up about STYLO.
It was part of Mercedes benz events :) 
I was lucky enough to get the invitation fro my dearest cousin to attend for the Emerging Designer Competition 2011.
I bumped into so many PJCAD student :)
The design was all made up from paper material, and what i find it s cool is that from far the garments doesnt even look like it was made out from papers :)

Will post up more of the designer's design :)

It's my lookbook time :D


Made it to their magazine issue for ,
Ballet Flats : Where Comfort Reigns Supreme

Was quite shocked to log in and see myself there 0.0
but overall, i am happy.:D

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