Sunday, March 13, 2011

Never Imagine It

Life sucks with sickness :( . I cant believe two time within a month i was totally suffering in pain. I am starting to think i ve fucked up my own stomach. Sorry with such language but i am just so tired and fed up with it. God knows what happen to my own body and health now. I get so frustrated with the nags and scoldings man. It has been going on and on for almost a year and its not stopping. i doubt it will ever stop

Anyway, two week ago i was admitted into hospital dues to serious food poisoning and boy boy boy, i can tell you its not cool at all. I got inject here and there , purging every 5 minutes , vomiting every single time i lay down on my bed. I only comfortable position i could think off was me siting and hugging myself  in the toilet bowl ! Such awesome place to name it as the most comfortable spot. Anyhow, doctors always work their magic out , with just one tablet of antibiotic and pro-biotic , i was in heaven . As if i was pulled out from hell ! ;) Truly amazing . However , my parents wanted to know why did i vomit and purged for almost a week and my dad was pretty concern about my organ so i did a scoping . I see my stomach and intestine , filled with bubbles inside. 

Before scoping was the moment testing my patient . i wasn't allow to eat , all i was allow to do was to fast and shit out all the substance in my stomach. So that it would be water clear clean . That was the period of time that i kept walking in and out the toilet . The patients that shared the same room as me must be thinking i am some freak that pees non stop man ! 

Conclusion was , my intestine was reddish in-flame 0.0 . BAD ! Doctor said the bacteria was so strong and my immune system was low and my blood pressure dropped too 0.0 . Owwwwh yea did i mention , Ben and ma found their way to the hospital to visit me :) Thaaaaaaaanks my dearest. They came with a tweety-bird ahahah :)

And college started to, for me. A year of degree, i can smell difficulty too. I know things is not gonna be easy like how foundation years used too be, free and easy. A new year with a new challenges and new faces. I would have lie if i would have said things wouldnt change , certainly it will. You just have to accept it. Being in  degree suddenly hits me and tell me that , youre a year older and a step closer to what reality truly defines. I hope i could cope with it , and hopefully i dont drown with pilling assignment that is currently slowly climbing up my head. 

And i miss my brown cow , i miss her and i hope she's doing fine. The old habit of me, who always tend to drive over her place every week doesnt seems to fade away:) I used to go over her place every friday or sunday :) And the same old tradition just never change , i wouldnt mind driving over her place to just hang out with her mum . Somehow it makes me feel she's still there :) hehehehehehehe anyway been hanging out with my dearest Aunty Joyce heheheh :) 

Have you met my babies :) 
One is missing ;/

A kiss for you :)

Seaaan :D

Have you met the infamous , Caleb Wong
Freaking cheeky !

Because its my lookbook time :)


ShawnWong said...

Hang in there, Amanda :)

*you stole my 'infamous' line!*

Ruby Girl said...

you are so pretty! i really like your style. great blog :)

Anonymous said...

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