Friday, November 26, 2010

I Can't Quite Put It Into Words

 'Lets just take a walk, and forget about the pain'

We had a photo shoot yesterday over at Mag's . :)
& we had fun.

 With Beatrice Tan Su mei :)

With Jared Lau Jie-Le and Tan Su Mei :)

It's blur,
But i find it artistic :)

With the soul sista,
Lau Jia Le :)

Things are so perfect,
with just a smile:)

It's Benjamin Tong, Beatrice Tan & Emilie Lim :)

Jump baby , Jump !

Thaanks Mag Sayang :)

Fooling around moments :)

I have gotta say,
We have an awesome and amazing photographers.

1. Outing with meng pei the other day .
Followed her along for her facial and we got lost . I feel so failure haha.
It was good hanging out and catching up with her :)

2. Mist the other day too:)

 Sue Ping's birthday
Birthday girl :)

Justin Seow:)

Sian Shern :)

Kin Loong :)

Sean Ching :)

Sue Zen Chin :)

Joey Kong :)

Wai Sum Yuen :)

Things would be different without you guys:)

Travis Tan , Chee Fai & Justin.

Boon keat :)

One of the other night :)
Baby :)

Sabirin :)

Baby :)

Sean Ching

Aizat ;)

Imran :)

With Lynette :)

Malacca Post would be just right after this :)...
NIghts peep, time to sleep :)